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Level-up your content design

Develop your content design skills in your own time with The Product Content Design Studio.

Created by Rachel McConnell, author of Leading Content Design, the online content design training comes in three parts – pick one part or take the whole curriculum.


In this self-driven course, Rachel shares her knowledge from ten years in content design and in leading content teams. 

It's suitable for anyone in a design role, or anyone wanting to further their content design skills, and can be taken at your own pace. Each module features a series of video lessons, supporting materials and further reading, takeaway exercises and a certificate.


Module one – content design foundations £209 (pay in one go or monthly)

  • What content design is and why it matters​

    • The importance of content and the value of content design 

    • The role of a content designer and what they do

  • Identifying the opportunities to create good content

    • How to discover user and business needs

    • How to document your research findings for content creation

    • Hypothesis creation

    • Aligning your team 

  • Summarising your insights for content creation

    • Defining your user needs and business needs

    • Summarising your user's emotions and their journey

  • Defining content themes and messages

    • Defining your product content strategy

    • Conversational ideation

  • Defining content hierarchy and structure

    • ​Structuring content and key information

  • Defining voice and tone

    • The difference between voice and tone

    • How to apply your brand's tone attributes

  • Principles of creating good copy

    • ​How to focus on clarity and brevity

  • Creating content for everyone

    • Tips for inclusivity, accessibility, and writing for global audiences

  • Using tense to assign ownership

    • Active vs passive tense

  • Interaction frameworks 

    • Errors, confirmations, tooltips and help copy

  • More interaction tips

    • Headers, button labels and password guidance

  • Writing promotional UI copy

    • ​How to approach upsell and promotional modals

  • Bonus lesson – Documenting your content design process​

Module two – More impactful content design £149 

  • Refining voice and tone

    • Calibrating your tone levels​

  • Defining success metrics

    • Identifying your key success measures​

  • Testing content with users – Defining your tests

    • When to test and the methods​ to use

  • Testing content with users – Quantitative vs qualitative

    • The pros and cons of test methodologies

    • Tips for usability testing

  • Getting feedback on content

    • The importance of feedback​

    • How to gather peer and stakeholder feedback effectively​​

  • Critiquing content

    • How to give feedback​ effectively

  • Measuring content

    • How to assess content performance

    • Proposing A/B tests and experiments

  • Auditing content

    • Why, when and how to audit​​​

  • Bonus lesson - ​Partnering with product colleagues

Module three - Leading content design £149

  • What content operations is and why it matters

    • How content ops supports content strategy ​

  • Identifying the opportunities to improve your team

    • How to recognise and document the blockers and barriers​ to good work

  • Defining solutions to improve 

    • How to ideate solutions with your team​

  • Prioritising content ops activities

    • Identifying impact and effort

    • Assigning metrics to your team activities and creating your roadmap

  • Fostering collaboration

    • Outlining roles and responsibilities​

    • Building impactful relationships

  • Advocating for content in your team and beyond

    • How to PR your team​

  • Bonus lesson – Connecting the dots across your organisation​

Any of these modules can also be run in-house for your teams. Please contact Rachel for further information on in-person training.

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